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Christmas decorations on a budget

It’s that time of year to deck the halls with boughs of holly and get everyone amped up with some Christmas spirit! As much as decorating your house for Christmas makes for one of the most exciting parts of the festive season, controlling your decoration budget can be tricky especially when wanting to splurge the place with glow and glamour without having to reuse old, dingy decorations.

These Christmas decoration tips will give you the best chances of working within your budget this festive season!

1. A pre-lit Christmas Tree

It is a widely known fact that the heart of every Christmas celebration surrounds the Christmas tree. Instead of fussing overly about the Christmas tree and buying specific ornaments for it, consider getting yourself a pre-list Christmas tree to take away the hassle of cost and pressure.

Target offers great deals on pre-lit Christmas trees that can be as cheap as $5!

2. Purchasing ornaments in bulk

Some of us feel that a Christmas tree isn’t complete without some ornaments and baubles on it. Unfortunately, these individual decorations can add up in cost when purchasing them separately. Reduce the cost significantly by purchasing them in bulk such as in a pack of 20 smaller ones which will end up costing less.

3. Know where to buy your lights

Avoid being the Grinch of your street and dress your home with Christmas lights to truly give it the Christmas vibe.

With great light comes great price… unless you know where to buy your lights! A quick shop at Catch or MyDeal could save you heaps without breaking the bank on your Christmas decorations this year! If you’re lucky, you could even snag 50% off deals with a ton of cheap options!

4. Table Dressing

No, we don’t mean sauce! A great way to spice up your dining area is to throw on a Christmas table setting such as some wonderfully in theme napkins and a centrepiece to act as the icing on the (fruit)cake!

5. Grab Yourself a Santa Sign

Instead of waiting up all night for Santa to come by, why not bring in the big man himself by grabbing a Santa sign dedicated to him? You can grab yourself a great deal if you know where to look at, think Target, MyDeal and Catch.

6. May the Wreath be with you!

Naturally, wreaths make a great start to your Christmas decoration hunt especially considering how all the traditional Christmas movies never fail in displaying one. The downside to the popularity means wreaths are also often some of the most overpriced decorations you could land yourself on Christmas.

To counter falling for expensive ones, give yourself ample time to shop around online and in places like Kmart or Target.

7. Cheap personalised stockings

If you’re feeling artsy craftsy, you could get yourself some cheap plain Christmas stockings for around $5. If you’re not too big on the DIY and would rather have Christmas season be more “done for you”, you could still snag yourself some Christmas stockings for under $15.

Not only do these look sweet hung up by the fireplace (or simply a wall if you don’t have one), it’ll also keep everyone from fighting over who gets what for Christmas this year.

Hopefully, these 10 Christmas decorations tips on a budget will help you out this wonderful season. Oh, and before you forget, don’t miss out on the opportunity to play a part in your Christmas decorations! After all, Christmas comes with the charm of people, and nothing beats amazing Christmas vibes than a decorated you!

There are plenty of options for Christmas costumes that are well within a good budget to make yourself look more festive this season. It’s always fun to explore different options for bringing Christmas to life this year!

Article provided by Blossom Costumes