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How to Evaluate Structured Settlement Buyout Offers

A structured settlement is a payment a person gets after winning a claim for things like an accident, medical malpractice, or worker’s compensation claims. It is called structured because the court regulates it, and you only get a certain amount for a specific period. This settlement is future protection and keeps the recipient in a safe financial position, should there be costly circumstances resulting from the injuries.

There are many reasons why you may want to sell your payments to structured settlement companies. It could be that you lost your job, want to buy a new house, marry, or start a business, but you do not have enough money. Here is how to evaluate the buyout offers you get from buying companies.

It’s vital to evaluate the offers you get from buying companies and choose the best. You will not receive the exact value of your settlement, but selling can be an ideal decision if you are in dire need of cash. Make sure you have a genuine reason for selling your structured settlement. Companies like We Pay More Funding buy structured settlements, but you need to carefully evaluate offers to get something close to the worth of your settlement.

  1. Shop Around

It is crucial to find the company with the best ratings. Instead of running to the first offer that comes, look at the online reviews coming from prior customers of the companies to get a gauge of how you will be treated and paid out. You can then factor in different elements to determine the best offer. While at it, keep in mind that you will have a short period before you are penalized.

  1. Get All the Information Upfront

The selling requirements vary by state. Take some time to learn the rules in your state regarding structured settlement sales. This is one crucial thing that will help you learn the costs of selling the settlement and which offer is the best to cater to these costs. Check on the timing and the fees. If you are using a broker, ensure they will pay the fees.

  1. Get an Attorney

The good thing about using a lawyer when selling your settlement is to help you understand the restrictions, consequences, and costs of selling the benefits. The professional will help you understand the impact of your financial future once you sell. If you agree, they will help you plan and execute the sale. The expert is also vital when evaluating offers. If you want to get a good offer, work with a lawyer who has dealt with such transactions before.

  1. Know the Buyer Well

It is best to choose an offer from a company that has been in business for several years. Make sure the company is financially sound and able to cater to the payout. This is a vital step if you want to get the full offer.


If you have decided to sell your structured settlement, make sure you take some time to evaluate your offers. The cash you get will help cover vital things like buying a house, education, investing, or any other critical needs. Collect quotes from several companies and scrutinize the buyer well before selling.